Garland PreTerm Tight Buffer cables

Garland PreTerm Tight Buffer Cables

Garland is proud to announce the expansion of its fibre range with the introduction of pre-terminated tight buffer cables.

Installers can eliminate the need to perform connector terminations on-site, making their next installation easy and reducing their outlay of specialist termination and test equipment.

Garland Terminated Tight Buffer (GTTB) cables are built with staggered connectors on both ends. They are available in OS2(SM), OM1, OM3, OM4 with up to 24 Fibres and are suitable for a large number of indoor applications. The cables are also UV stabilized and water blocking. They come packed inside a full corrugated tube and hauling mesh over sleeve for added protection. By selecting the type and number of fibres, the inner and outer connectors and the length required, you can tailor the structure of your GTTB to your specific requirements.

Garland Terminated Tight Buffer (GTTB) cables come with a quality guarantee and a test report is included with every length supplied. With Garland you can be confident that your next install will be an easy one!