Coaxial Cable, RG59B/U, 23 AWG, 84%, 75 Ohm, HFFR, 500m

Part #: CC59HF500

23 AWG Solid Bare Copper Conductor, Solid Polyethylene Insulated, Bare Copper Braid (>80% coverage), Halogen Free Flame Retardant Jacketed, RG-59 Type Coaxial Cable for Internal Applications.

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75 Ohm Coaxial cables are used for video and data transmission. The 75 Ohm impedance can easily be coupled to 300 Ohm antenna’s using low cost matching pads or baluns.
RG 11 is a large conductor coax offering low loss and is often used in transmission or long distance applications where minimal loss is a requirement.
RG6 is an intermediate size often used to connect antennae to reception systems for satellite, cable and Free-to-air TV services.
RG59 is a small 75 Ohm coax used for interconnecting video or data equipment.
Broadband applications include Cable TV, CCTV, MATV, Satellite TV, and Free to Air TV services.
Baseband applications include security camera and basic video transmission.

Pack Size 500m
Applicable Standards UL758
Suitable Applications For signal control & communication system.
ROHS Compliant Yes
No. Cores 1
Conductor Characteristics
AWG 23
Stranding (mm) 1/0.6
Area (mm2) 0.28
Diameter (mm) 0.6
Material BC
Material Solid PE
Nominal Thickness (mm) 1.5
Nominal OD (mm) 3.7
Braiding 0.84
Outer Sheath
Material LSHF
Colour BLACK
Nominal Thickness (mm) 1
Nominal OD (mm) 6.2
Electrical Properties
Max. Conductor DC Resistance @ 20°C 62.0Ω/km
Nom. Characteristic Impedance @ 1MHz 75±3Ω
Mechanical Properties
Operating Temp Range -250C to + 900C
Min Bend Radius (Install) 62mm
Approximate Mass(kgs/100m) 5.50kg/100m
Supply Information
Supply Information – Pack Type Wooden Reel
Dimensions W39 x H21.8mm

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