Category cable through the great outdoors

Creating connections through the great outdoors

Australians love the great outdoors, the sun, the surf, the bush. Unfortunately, what is often a relaxing environment for us is just the opposite for category cable.

Have you ever faced a situation where Wi-Fi isn’t an option, and you want to run some category cable outdoors?

Maybe you want to connect site buildings together, to bring internet services to portable classrooms, to carry communications to an outdoor shed or security office.

Maybe you need to connect some external IP devices, controllers to manage an irrigation system, cameras and sensors for a security system or IP access control equipment to monitor doors and boom gates.

Standard category cables are suited for indoors but are not designed to survive the rigors of the great outdoors. Harsh sun, rain, wind, termites and rodents can play havoc with your outdoor cabling. To address some or all of these issues, Garland has a complete range of external category cables for every application.

For above ground applications, the polyethylene jacketed “PP” range comes with a UV stabilized jacket. They can be laid in trays, up a building wall, under eaves or lashed to a catenary.

For underground applications, a water blocked cable is required. Garland has two ranges, the standard jelly filled (JF) product is suitable for underground applications either in a conduit or for direct burial in low expansion clean soils. For harsher environments or where termite or rodent attack is expected the steel wire armoured, nylon jacketed “SWANY” range is available.

Available in Cat5E and/or Cat6 variants, these products meet the EIA/TIA transmission requirements and are all RCM compliant.

External range Highlights:


  • UV stabilized Polyethylene jacket
  • Available in Cat5E and Cat6 variants
  • Suitable for above ground applications including exposure to direct sunlight [1]
  • Can be lashed to catenaries for aerial applications [2]


  • Jelly filled to prevent water ingress and to preserve transmission performance.
  • UV stabilized Polyethylene jacket
  • Available in Cat5E and Cat6 variants
  • Suitable for underground applications including within ducts.
  • Can also be used above ground.


  • Steel wire armoured for rodent protection
  • Nylon jacketed for termite protection.
  • Jelly filled for underground applications including direct burial [3]
  • UV stabilized Polyethylene jacket for above ground applications.
  • Tested to WSX1 rating for cut through and impact according to AS 3013.
  • May be suitable as a vandal deterrent.

[1] Exposure to direct sunlight can result in higher than normal cable temperatures resulting in increased attenuation or insertion loss in the cable. This should be accounted for when planning an external cable route.

[2] Lashing methods may affect the transmission properties of the cable. Lashing methods should be tested prior to full installation.

[3] Armour is not water blocked and should be separated from the cable prior to entering any joint enclosure or building.