Local Area Networking

Garland has the networking equipment you need to build secure, powerful and comprehensive local area and data networking systems for business, industry or independent requirements.

The Local Area Networking (LAN), product range from Garland includes high performance copper and optical fibre products across Fibre, Data and Voice:

 Fibre Optic: Passive fibre optic infrastructure for backbone and long distance networks – external fibre, Indoor fibre backbone, fibre trays and fibre accessories

 Data: Complete end-to-end structured cabling solutions for Category 5e and Category 6 copper based systems – category cables, patch panels, RJ45 outlets and patch leads

 Voice: Traditional voice solutions incorporating cabling frames and modules – Category 3 LSZH Data/Telephone cable, enclosures, voice panels, disconnect modules

The team at Garland can provide expert knowledge and custom advice for any project.