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Rodent Proof Fibre cable

Rodents can pose a safety hazard when they chew through fibre cables, as it can lead to electrical shorts or fires. Using this fibre cable, helps to mitigate this risk, ensuring a safer environment for both people and property.

Revamped Copper Patch Cord Range

Madison Express, the 100% Australian owned distributor of cables and connectors to the electrical industry, has announced a revamping of the Garland branded copper patch cord range. The new range includes additional colours and lengths as part of the increased product portfolio and also features recently updated artwork to unify the Garland range of cabling…

When is a Shielded cable a UTP cable?

Screened v Unscreened cable It’s often asked if a screened cable can be used in an unscreened application. To answer this question, legislation and standards should be reviewed. The first place to start is with AS/CA S-008 which requires any screen to be electrically conductive and to have a drain wire present. The aim of…

Fibre cable Selection

Selection of the right cable for the applicable environment is the key to long term survival of the cable. Several factors come into play when deciding which cable is best suited to your particular application…

Fire Rated Screened Cat6A cable by Garland

Cat6AFIRE is a fire rated screened cable for emergency and fire alarm applications. Using LSZH materials and fire barrier tapes, this screened product has been tested under fire conditions as per IEC 60331-23 for 120 minutes.* The new product (part number: SFTPL6AHF) contains individually foil screened pairs with an overall braided screen providing excellent transmission…

Reasons to use LSZH cable

Regulations in many industries have seen an increasing demand for Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) cables. The main concern is for the safety of people and electronic circuits during fire. Environmental protection and an increase in safety requirements and specifications from local and international communities has also increased the demand for an LSZH cable. This…

When it comes to Cat6A, Garland has you covered.

If you need Cat6A cable or connectivity, Garland Cables has an extensive range of products to meet your needs. Our LSZH cables are designed for ease of termination and come in a range of colours for easy identification. They can be matched with Garland’s TS series jacks, using Garland’s TS series tool. Garland TS series solutions…

Going Stranded for your IP camera? Make sure you don’t lose your picture

With the increasing popularity of IP cameras and high quality field terminated plugs, there has been a trend to move from solid to stranded conductor cable for horizontal cabling. The use of stranded conductor cabling offers the advantage of increased flexibility when connecting an IP camera with Pan/Tilt functions and removes the need to have…

Build your outdoor fibre optic cables with the best suited jacket

Outdoor optical fibre cables come in a variety of constructions or “finishes”. In this article we attempt to throw some light on the differences and what advantages each one offers.

Media Converters

Media converters are used to convert signals from 1 medium (copper) to another (fibre) and vice-versa. Whilst their function is well understood, their actual application in the real world is not.
A pair of media converters and a suitable length of duplex fibre optic cable can convert the copper signal with its 90m limit to an optical fibre signal that can go much longer distances. Depending on what type of fibre is used, the link can go up to 500m with multimode or up to several kilometres with Single mode.