fire safety with copper and fibre fire rated Garland cables - 3 red sheathed cables on a background of fire flames

Fire safety with Copper and Fibre fire rated cables

Fire safety and the use of fire rated cables is essential to prevent the spread of fire and ensure the safety of occupants. Importantly, it is a critical element in any building or infrastructure project.  Garland’s GLT-RC series of fibre cables, the GCC434945D series of copper cables, the SFTPL6AHF Cat6A cable as well as other fire rated cables are specifically designed to meet strict fire safety standards, while providing reliable and high-performance communications, safety and security solutions.

LSZH Fire Rated Fibre, with 2hr Circuit Integrity

Garland offers GLT-RC fire rated optical fibre cables, which are compliant to the IEC 60331-25 circuit integrity test and can continue to operate under fire conditions. They pass the IEC 60332-1 and IEC60332-3 flame propagation requirements, and have LSZH construction. Based around a unitube/monotube construction with aramid strength member, for improved flexibility. The GLT-RC cables are also water-blocked, UV-stabilised, and have improved crush and impact resistance. They are available in 6 and 12 fibre counts. Their use can ensure compliance with building codes and safety standards, critical in any building or infrastructure project.


WS52-W fire rated copper, meets the 2 hour fire survival test

The GCC434945D series are WS52-W fire rated copper cables. They are manufactured to strict standards and meet the 2 hour AS/ANZ 3013 fire survival test. These cables are suitable for use in fire alarm, public address and security applications requiring circuit integrity under fire conditions as well as having an LSZH unscreened multicore construction with a round cross section. Available in conductor sizes from 1.5 mm2 all the way to 6 mm2 with 2 core versions in the smaller conductor sizes being the most popular. Available with either a red jacket for LV applications or a red jacket with white stripe for telecommunications applications.


SFTPL6AFIRE, IEC 60331-23 rated for 2hours

SFTPL6AFIRE is a fire rated screened cable for emergency and fire alarm applications. Using LSZH materials and fire barrier tapes, this screened product has been tested under fire conditions as per IEC 60331-23 for 120 minutes.

It contains individually foil screened pairs with an overall braided screen providing excellent transmission performance under all conditions. It also eliminates concerns on alien crosstalk performance and interference from other cabling. This is particularly important under fire conditions where cables and support structures may move and separation distances or barriers may not be guaranteed.

Using LSZH materials throughout its construction, this fire rated Cat6A cable also meets a variety of fire and flame related standards, including IEC 60332-1 and IEC 60332-3 standard for flame propagation, IEC 61034.1 and IEC 61034.2 standard for smoke density and IEC 60754.2 standard for pH & conductivity of gases under fire conditions. This fire rated cat6a cable with S/FTP construction has been specifically developed for use in indoor applications where consistency of communication services under fire conditions is a concern. It is suitable for Cat5E, Cat6 and Cat6A installations.

Available in 305m and 100m packs and a standard red jacket. Other jacket colour options and pack sizes are also available.


Other Fire Rated Cables

MC70xxFRSHFRD / MC70xxFRHFRD series

The MC70xxFRSHFRD/MC70xxFRHFRD series of cables are used for fire alarm systems where prolonged exposure to fire and sprinklers is required.

They all feature 2 cores, are stranded, and are WS51-W rated for 2 hour fire resistance to AS 3013. Their LSZH construction makes them perfect for prolonged exposure to fire, where safety of air quality is required. All the cables in this range are overall screened, some with an aluminium laminate tape and a tinned, annealed copper draining wire.

MCP7051 / MCP7041 series

MCP7051 / MCP7041 series of cables have a 7/0.50mm or 7/0.40mm bare copper conductor. They are PVC insulated, twinned, PVC jacketed, with 1 Pair of cables in Red. The MCP7051 series are also aluminium laminate screened, and used in Control, Alarm and Security applications.

TSCW75LD / TSCW74LD series

TSCW75LD series is a figure eight, 7/0.5mm twin sheathed, PVC/PVC cable.
TSCW74LD series is a Figure Eight, 7/0.4mm bare copper conductor, is PVC insulated and PVC jacketed, 2 Core flat cable.
Twin sheath connecting wire is used in the alarm and security industries where a double insulated product is required. Common applications include smoke detectors, fire alarms and PA systems where double insulated cables are required by legislation.
These cables come in a number of different jacket colours with Red being reserved for fire alarm applications.