Garland's rail communications cables and infrastructure - Image of Rail

Garland Rail Networks, Copper and Fibre

The right rail communications infrastructure can ensure you meet passenger demand for service, conduct safe operations and lower operating costs.

The foundation of any reliable communications network is the backbone cabling, enabling the link between equipment and systems. Garland has a complete range of cables suitable for:

– Railway signalling
– Cable pits
– Foundations at signals
– Equipment rooms
– Telephones
– Ground frames
– Gantries
– Location cases

The portfolio also includes:

 Internal and external category cables
 Internal and external fibre cables
 Security and alarm cable
 Signal & detector cables for rail-road crossings & pedestrian access control

Along with the cabling, Garland also offers a full suite of accessories for copper and optical fibre including:

– Distribution frames
– Through connectors
– Jacks
– Patch panels
– Patch leads
– Mechanical splices