In the last decade, new technology has brought many changes to the communications industry, with Optical Fibre becoming a dominant medium for high bandwidth connectivity systems.

Garland has the know-how to connect you with specialist Optical Fibre solutions and LAN copper cabling and connectivity products. We can provide total product design, manufacturing and distribution services for telecommunications and communications products and systems and stock a variety of product solutions for in-building and inter-building applications.

The communications product portfolio includes:

Data/LAN Copper Networking

LAN Cat5e, Cat6 & Cat6A Cables
LAN Cat5e, Cat6 & Cat6A Connectors & Accessories
Patch Panels, Cable Managers & Rack Systems
Wall Outlet Jacks

Fibre Networking

Loose Tube Outdoor Cables
Tight Buffered Indoor/Outdoor Riser Cables
Fibre Pigtails
Fibre Trays & Enclosures (FOBOTs)
Fibre Connectors & Adaptors
Fibre Patch Cords
Pre-Terminated Cables

Voice Networking

Indoor Telephone Cables
Analog Telephone Cables
Cross Connect Jumper Wires
ISDN Cables
External Telephone Cables
Figure 8 Speaker Cables
Twin Sheath / Double Insulated Speaker Cables

Data Networking

RS-422 Cables
RS-232 Cables