Garland Custom Design cables - Image of cables manufacturing

Garland can custom design and manufacture cables to suit your exact requirements

From various composite blends, to fibre optic pre-terminated plug-n-play, as well as armouring for rodent and termite protection, flame retardancy and fire resistance, Garland custom cables are designed to reduce installation time, reduce costs and meet a number of specifications and legislative requirements which, in many cases, can be at odds with each other.

 Security – specialised composite cables designed for security, CCTS and access control systems.

 Building Automation – in home and commercial building application for networking and automation, combining CATV, MATV and audio.

 Pre-Terminated Fibre Optic – ready to install and can be customised to suit your exact application requirements.

Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) cable

Fire rated cables to IEC 60331-25

Aerial ADSS cable

Ribbon fibre (both traditional and IBR)

Dry water blocked cable

Armoured patch cords


To learn more about Garland custom cable design, phone 1800 66 99 99.