Warranty Statement

Garland products are part of Madison Express.
(owned by Madison Group Enterprises Pty Ltd)

Warranty Statement:

1 Unless otherwise specifically identified by Garland in writing, Garland will repair, resupply or replace any defective goods or provide goods of an equivalent quality where a fault or defect in the goods or services becomes apparent within 12 months of the date of purchase;

2 This is as long as the damage does not arise from:
(a) improper use, installation or operation;
(b) the use of accessories including consumables, hardware, or software
which were not manufactured, or approved in writing by Garland;
(c) any contamination or leakages caused or induced by you;
(d) any modifications of the goods which were not authorised in writing
by Garland;
(e) any misuse of the goods by you;
(f) any use or operation of the goods outside of the physical, electrical or
environmental specifications of the goods;
(g) inadequate or incorrect installation (including site preparation); and
(h) inadequate or improper maintenance of the goods

3 When a defect or fault is identified to claim the warranty, you must immediately cease using the goods and contact your representative at Garland and provide details of the fault or defect and follow the further directions of Garland in relation to the warranty claim.

4 At its discretion, Garland may wish to send a representative to view the installation and confirm the condition of the goods. You must facilitate such an inspection within a reasonable time frame and at a time suitable to Garland.

5 If directed by Garland, you must return the product to the address identified below. You will be responsible for transportation charges incurred in returning defective goods, or any of its component parts, for repair, together with the cost of returning them to you if there is no fault or defect identified in the goods on their return. If the goods are found to have a defect of fault, then Garland will reimburse such reasonable transportation costs to you.

6 The benefits provided to you by this warranty are in addition to other rights and remedies available to you at law in relation to the goods or services to which the warranty relates.

7 This warranty is provided by:

Madison Express (owned by Madison Group Enterprises Pty Ltd, ABN 56 010 669 379).
Building 1, 61 Metroplex Ave, Murarrie QLD

Phone: 1800 66 99 99