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Garland External Cat 6 Cable Range

Protect against harsh outdoor environments with Garland’s heavy duty external category cable. Garland’s unique heavy duty external CAT 6 cable has been designed to suit Australian environments. Offering the protection of steel wire armour, a hard nylon termite barrier and jelly filled water resistance, Garland’s UTPL6JFSWANY provides a solution to many outdoor category cabling concerns.

Introducing Garland’s high performance Category 6A product range

Garlands’ range of Category 6A (CAT 6A) products provides you with cost effective options for your new cabling system. A CAT 6A cabling system is a high performance one that is designed to support 10GBase-T over the full 100m, 4 connector channel. CAT 6A is backwards compatible with CAT 6 and CAT 5e. Our range includes: – Screened Cable: Cabling in…

Garland Fibre Accessories Range

Garland has a complete set of fibre accessories to help you with your next optical fibre installation. The range includes: • Fibre Optic Break Out Trays (FOBOT’s) • Patch cords • Pigtails • Through adapters

Garland Product Bulletin CAT 6A

A labour saving F/UTP solution with LSZH jacket, for Green Star and environmentally demanding applications. Garland’s screened CAT 6A cable is designed to reduce alien crosstalk for high bit rate applications. Designed specifically for demanding 10GBaseT applications, a screened solution permits longer runs than standard CAT 6 UTP cables can offer. The F/UTP (Foil screened…

Garland Product Range Railway Signalling Cables

Garland’s range of railway signalling cables are manufactured in accordance with Australian Standards. As well as superior cable solutions, Garland has connectors, adaptors and enclosures to suit trackside applications.  Garland can custom design and manufacture cables to individual requirements.

Garland Product Range SWA Instrumentation Cable

Garland has a range of reliable and durable instrumentation cables, perfect for industrial, railway and transportation applications. Instrumentation cables are traditionally used to connect electrical instrumentation and communication circuits for processes controls, electrical networks and signalling systems. The Garland Steel Wire Armour (SWA) and Individual and Overall Screened options provide mechanical protection, ensuring the cable…

Garland Product Range Pre-Terminated Optical Fibre

Garland’s made to order pre-terminated cable assemblies makes Optical Fibre installation easy. Garland’s pre-terminated cable assemblies come fully tested and ready to install and can be customised to suit your exact application requirements. The cable is delivered cut to length with the appropriate connectors attached to the ends. There is no need to perform terminations on-site, reducing specialist termination and…

Garland Product Bulletin Telephone Data Cable

Future proof your internal telephone  systems with Garland’s UTPL3 Internal CAT 3 telephone/data cable. Garland Internal CAT 3 Telephone/Data Cables are designed for the connection of telephony and data equipment operating in both analog and digital environments. These cables can be used to distribute telephone and basic data rate signals up to 10 Mbits within…

Garland Product Range Traffic Cables Victoria

At Garland, we offer a complete range of VIC Main Roads approved traffic and access management cables.