Garland Pre-terminated Fibre Assembled in Au

Garland’s Pre-Terminated Fibre Range

Garland is proud to announce the expansion of its pre-terminated fibre range to include outdoor loose tube cable (GTLT) as well as the traditional indoor/outdoor tight buffer construction (GTTB). This allows for pre-terminated fibre links to be installed in outdoor environments including underground and within conduits. Along with the expansion of its product range, these products are assembled locally, resulting in faster lead times. All Garland pre-terms are supplied with connectors that are staggered in pairs allowing for improved routing within FOBOTs and terminating equipment. Terminated ends are protected with a heavy duty sleeve and both ends include a hauling eye. Test results for each fibre are included within the packaging.


  • GTTB (Garland Terminated Tight Buffer) and GTLT (Garland Terminated Loose Tube) options
  • Locally assembled1
  • Both options are water blocked and UV stabilised
  • Loose tube pre-terms with Nylon termite barrier
  • SC, LC and ST connectors available as standard2
  • Staggered ends (in pairs) for improved routing within FOBOTs
  • Up to 24 fibre options
  • Available is single mode, OM3 and OM4 fibre3


1 Some versions may not be assembled locally depending on stock availability.
2 Other connector options subject to negotiation.
3 Other fibre options subject to negotiation.