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Build your outdoor fibre optic cables with the best suited jacket

Outdoor optical fibre cables come in a variety of constructions or “finishes”. In this article we attempt to throw some light on the differences and what advantages each one offers.

Garland PreTerm Tight Buffer Cables are Here

Garland is proud to announce the expansion of its fibre range with the introduction of pre-terminated tight buffer cables. Installers can eliminate the need to perform connector terminations on-site, making their next installation easy and reducing their outlay of specialist termination and test equipment. Garland Terminated Tight Buffer (GTTB) cables are built with staggered connectors…

Media Converters

Media converters are used to convert signals from 1 medium (copper) to another (fibre) and vice-versa. Whilst their function is well understood, their actual application in the real world is not.
A pair of media converters and a suitable length of duplex fibre optic cable can convert the copper signal with its 90m limit to an optical fibre signal that can go much longer distances. Depending on what type of fibre is used, the link can go up to 500m with multimode or up to several kilometres with Single mode.

LAN Warranty Certification process is now more streamlined

The Madison Technologies LAN Warranty has recently undergone a number of updates aimed at simplifying the process to make it easier than ever to have your 20 year warranty processed.

Garland External Cat 6 Cable Range

Protect against harsh outdoor environments with Garland’s heavy duty external category cable. Garland’s unique heavy duty external CAT 6 cable has been designed to suit Australian environments. Offering the protection of steel wire armour, a hard nylon termite barrier and jelly filled water resistance, Garland’s UTPL6JFSWANY provides a solution to many outdoor category cabling concerns.

Do the Flame Test

If you’re buying cable, how do you know if you’ve bought CCA? Take a look at this video for a simple and quick onsite flame test. Watch Video: It can be difficult to identify if your cable is CCA or 100% copper visually. The Flame Test is a quick and easy way to test your…

A Time Saving Cable Installation Solution

Garland’s new TS Series for Category 5E, 6 and 6A applications offers a time saving and reliable cable connection, based on Keystone style jacks. The TS Series includes: TS Series Tool TS Series Jacks TS Series Unloaded Patch Panel The Garland TS series tool is designed to terminate and cut 8 wires on a TS…

Communicating with Category 6A Cable

In today’s business environment high speed communication is a critical parameter in determining your success. The ability to respond quickly is limited by the slowest part of your business, which oftentimes may be your cabling system.  Based on the established and reliable Ethernet protocols used in traditional CAT5E and CAT6 systems, CAT6A cabling infrastructure is…

CAT 5e, 6, 6A and Optical Fibre… What’s the difference?

Choosing the right media and category of networking cable can be a tricky task. Category 5e through to 6A look almost identical to everyday people, but there are some subtle differences; some visible and some not. The most important difference between the cables is the speed and distance in which they operate most effectively. Speed and distance have…

Introducing Garland’s high performance Category 6A product range

Garlands’ range of Category 6A (CAT 6A) products provides you with cost effective options for your new cabling system. A CAT 6A cabling system is a high performance one that is designed to support 10GBase-T over the full 100m, 4 connector channel. CAT 6A is backwards compatible with CAT 6 and CAT 5e. Our range includes: – Screened Cable: Cabling in…