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Fire safety with Copper and Fibre fire rated cables

Fire safety and the use of fire rated cables is essential to prevent the spread of fire and ensure the safety of occupants. Importantly, it is a critical element in any building or infrastructure project.  Garland’s GLT-RC series of fibre cables, the GCC434945D series of copper cables, the SFTPL6AHF Cat6A cable as well as other…

Our range of Data Racks

New Garland range of Data Racks and Accessories Introducing the Garland range of Data Racks and accessories, designed with flexibility and effortless installation in mind. Racks come fully assembled, ensuring a hassle-free installation experience and with the convenience of castors and leveling feet, floor racks can be easily positioned on-site. Watch our Video on key…

Rodent Proof Fibre cable

Rodents can pose a safety hazard when they chew through fibre cables, as it can lead to electrical shorts or fires. Using this fibre cable, helps to mitigate this risk, ensuring a safer environment for both people and property.

Fire Rated Fibre

Garland offers GLT-RC fire rated optical fibre cables that meet strict fire safety standards and provide reliable and high-performance communication solutions.

High Quality Fibre Accessories

The Garland fibre accessories range includes: Fusion Splicer Kit; Fibre Optic Cleaver; Fibre Optic Light Source and Power Meter mated kit; ONE CLICK CLEAN, that comes in LC as well as  SC/ST; FOBOT Mini C with capacity of up to 24 fibres; Visual Fault Locator; 400x Inspection Microscope; Premium Kevlar Scissors; Fibre Optic Stripper; harps Container and more…

Communicating with Cat6A Cable

In today’s business environment high speed communication is critical in determining your success. The ability to respond quickly is limited by the slowest part of your business. This oftentimes may be your cabling system. That’s why you need cat6A cable…

Revamped Copper Patch Cord Range

Madison Express, the 100% Australian owned distributor of cables and connectors to the electrical industry, has announced a revamping of the Garland branded copper patch cord range. The new range includes additional colours and lengths as part of the increased product portfolio and also features recently updated artwork to unify the Garland range of cabling…

WS52-W Fire Rated Copper cable

The GCC434945D series of WS52-W fire rated copper cables is here. Manufactured to strict standards and meeting the 2 hour AS/ANZ 3013 fire survival test, these cables are suitable for use in fire alarm, public address and security applications requiring circuit integrity under fire conditions. The fire rated copper cables are available in conductor sizes…

When is a Shielded cable a UTP cable?

Screened v Unscreened cable It’s often asked if a screened cable can be used in an unscreened application. To answer this question, legislation and standards should be reviewed. The first place to start is with AS/CA S-008 which requires any screen to be electrically conductive and to have a drain wire present. The aim of…

Garland’s Pre-Terminated Fibre Range

Garland is proud to announce the expansion of its pre-terminated fibre range to include outdoor loose tube cable (GTLT) as well as the traditional indoor/outdoor tight buffer construction (GTTB). This allows for pre-terminated fibre links to be installed in outdoor environments including underground and within conduits. Along with the expansion of its product range, these…