Man Activating Fire Alarm, exiting to Fire Stairwell - WS52-FireRated-Cables by Garland

WS52-W Fire Rated Copper cable

The GCC434945D series of WS52-W fire rated copper cables is here.

Manufactured to strict standards and meeting the 2 hour AS/ANZ 3013 fire survival test, these cables are suitable for use in fire alarm, public address and security applications requiring circuit integrity under fire conditions.

The fire rated copper cables are available in conductor sizes from 1.5 mm2 all the way to 6 mm2 with 2 core versions in the smaller conductor sizes being the most popular.

Available with either a red jacket for LV applications or a red jacket with white stripe for telecommunications applications.

  • WS52-W as per AS/ANZ 3013
  • 0.6/1KV as per AS/NZS 5000.1
  • LSZH construction
  • Cross linked insulation and jacket
  • 1.5mm2 to 6mm2 conductor sizes
  • Unscreened multicore construction
  • Round cross section
  • Red or Red+White jacket options
  • Marking as per AS 1670.1