Cabling Accessories

Garland Cabling Accessories includes both copper and optical fibre components:

Cable Management:  Cable Reels, Cordwheel, Cable Management Bars & Rings, Velcro Cable Ties

Connectors & Adaptors:  Audio & Video Baluns, RJ45 (Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7, & 10GX), Optical Fibre (SC, ST, FC, LC, & MPO), Network Security Systems to prevent accidental removal of connectors

Distribution Frames:  IDC Modules, Over Voltage Protection Magazines, Backmount & Jumperable Frames

Enclosures: Internal & External Metal Enclosures, Weatherproof MDF’s, Fibre fixed and sliding tray FOBOTs, Splice Trays and Underground Re-enterable Enclosures

Patch Panels:  24 Port, 48 Port, & High Density 1RU 50 Port Panels.

Racks:  Wall & Floor Mount Racks, Rack Frames, Server Racks, Doors, Side Panels, Shelves, Blank Panels, Power Rails and Cable Management.

Tools:  Cable Cutters, Cable Strippers, Coax Crimp Tools & Die Sets and WECO Removal Tools