Garland Cat6A Feature

When it comes to Cat6A, Garland has you covered.

If you need Cat6A cable or connectivity, Garland Cables has an extensive range of products to meet your needs.

Our LSZH cables are designed for ease of termination and come in a range of colours for easy identification. They can be matched with Garland’s TS series jacks, using Garland’s TS series tool.

Garland TS series solutions

Using Garland’s TS series tool, all 8 conductors can be terminated and trimmed at once thereby resulting in faster terminations with fewer errors or shorts. If you don’t want to use the tool, TS series jacks can still be terminated with standard 110 or KRONE type tools.

TS series jacks are available in unscreened and screened versions. They feature special “nubs” on the IDC molding to hold the wires in place prior to the punchdown process. No more fighting with wires as they come loose before you get a chance to punch them down.

All TS jacks come packed with a white Mech 30 bezel to allow them to be used with common faceplates. Various coloured bezels are available separately and can be used to help identify different circuits or applications at the faceplate (eg: Yellow for IP phone and blue for data). Continue the theme by using yellow or blue Cat6A cable throughout your wiring.

The TS series unloaded patch panel accepts both screened and unscreened TS series jacks. It also minimizes stock holdings by having only one item for both screened and unscreened applications.

Industrial applications

For industrial applications, Garland also offer DIN rail mounts for the TS series jacks, allowing you to custom build a patching facility on a DIN rail. The capacity of the patching circuit can easily be expanded by just adding additional DIN rail mounts.

For screened solutions, Garland offers an angled jack with its own flat patch panel. This elegant solution offers the lower bending radius of an angled patch panel. Easy to use, it also eliminates the risk of interference with the rack door.

The jack uses a butterflied rear door that facilitates easy, tool free terminations.

All Garland Cat6A products are approved for use in Madison’s 20 year warranty program.

So whether you want screened or unscreened, coloured or standard, angled or flat, rack or DIN rail mount, Garland has a Cat6A solution for you.