Technology is changing how we do business

Technology is evolving at breakneck speed and these advances have influenced every facet of our world. But it’s not only technology that is changing…

It’s Time to Partner Up

Wholesale distribution businesses across Australia are realising that customers are using this evolving technology to interact with them in a new way. Manufacturers like Garland are also noticing a shift in the way wholesalers and resellers are interacting with us.

So how do we, as business owners and operators, meet the challenges of changing business models head on without sacrificing service or alienating our valued customers?

One of Garland’s largest group of customers is electrical, data and security wholesalers. The advance of industry and technology has meant that their businesses have grown and evolved over the years. But so have the businesses of contractors, integrators, installers and more. Technology, is changing business everywhere.

Customers now approach wholesalers with more complex technology demands and expectations. As a result, the Wholesaler has developed their business by offering a wider range of product and competing on price. Where a wholesaler has traditionally offered customers good service, quick delivery and a good price; they must now contend with a myriad of online competitors, as well as demand for more complex and sophisticated solutions, shorter lead times, sharper pricing and wider product range.

Don’t get us wrong. It’s not all doom and gloom. With a brave new world being forged online and in our homes and businesses, the business world is being challenged to offer a differentiated service. Electrical, data and security wholesalers are positioned right now to take advantage of new opportunities and meet this challenge head on. In this new paradigm, where complex connectivity challenges arise, wholesalers are seeking out project partners.

Project partners are manufacturers and distributors that the wholesaler engages at the beginning stages of the customer’s project. These project partners help manage the supply and delivery of all components of an integrated system, on time and budget to the end user.

Due to technology changing business, companies like Garland, that have evolved from a manufacturer into a solutions provider, are positioned to act as this valuable project partner for those wholesalers whose customers require an advanced technical level to help them put together the project.

The true advantage for a wholesaler emerges when they engage Garland’s technical specialists at the feasibility stage of a project.  At joint client meetings, Garland’s technical specialists can help the Project Manager determine the right products to suit their application and manage the product delivery. Then the purchase order is directed back through the wholesaler. All parties benefit.

Garland’s stock holdings of both commonly used cable and unique, specialist cables are vital to our ability to deliver for wholesalers so they can meet customer expectations.

With distribution centres in four locations across Australia, the ability to do short run MOQ’s on speciality products and a dedicated logistics team who make it happen; Garland is positioned help wholesalers meet anything the future holds.

Case in Point

Recently Garland, with MMEM Electrical Winnellie in NT, assisted contractors PSG Electrical with the provision of 2000km of security cable to the Darwin Correction Facilities project.

The security cable is used on-site to connect devices such as card readers, sliding doors, video cameras and mobile duress receivers. Garland’s project specific technical specialist assisted in determining the right cable for each application. And because MMEM was closely involved with Garland in making sure the supply of the stock was to schedule, all the deadlines were met.