Garland 48Fibre FOBOT

Garland releases New 48 Fibre FOBOT

Garland is proud to release the new 24 port, 48 fibre 1RU sliding FOBOT. The MT30903A is the latest evolution of its successful fibre optic range of products.
It replaces the older MT30903, and features the following upgrades:

  • Capacity doubled to 48 fibres
  • Improved metalwork
  • Extra heavy duty roller slides
  • Redesigned drawer locks
  • Upgraded faceplate clips
  • Adjustable mounting flanges
  • Blanking plugs for unused ports
  • 20 Year LAN Warranty available

Benefits of the upgrades

This second generation range of Garland FOBOTs feature improved splicing capacity allowing up to 48 fibres to be spliced in a single 1RU unit.
Other improvements over the first generation unit include improved metalwork with increased rigidity and thicker gauge metal where it counts. New, extra heavy duty roller slides, feature more ball bearings resulting in a smoother sliding action, which is an important consideration for a FOBOT that may require to be re-entered several times over its lifetime. The locking mechanism has also been improved and upgraded, making it easier to lock and unlock the drawer. Keeping with the locking theme, the clips holding the faceplates into place, have been upgraded to a larger size. This upgrade makes them more robust and better able to withstand mishandling. Adjustable mounting flanges have been added to allow the FOBOT’s mounting to be further back from the cabinet front. A useful feature for those applications where space between the mounted FOBOT and rack door may be lacking.

Blanking plugs now included

To improve the overall useability of the new MT30903A FOBOT, blanking plugs have now been included as part of the kit allowing users to blank out ports that are not used. An important safety feature given the potential danger of laser light being managed within the FOBOT. Multi-use faceplates now have numbering on both sides allowing them to be used for either simplex or duplex applications. And to round things out, a new powder coating process results in less dust and fewer blemishes giving an improved visual appearance to the new FOBOTs.

As with the earlier MT30903 FOBOT, the new MT30903A comes complete with splicing trays, splice protectors, spiral and clear tubing for looming the fibres, rear cable entry glands and all mounting screws and hardware. Just add your Garland GTA through adapters, GPT pig-tails and GPC patch cords and you’re good to go. As with other Garland Structured Cabling products, the new MT30903A qualifies for Garland’s 20 year LAN warranty

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