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Introducing Garland’s high performance Category 6A product range

Garland’s range of Category 6A (CAT 6A) products provides you with cost effective options for your new cabling system.

A CAT 6A cabling system is a high performance one that is designed to support 10GBase-T over the full 100m, 4 connector channel. CAT 6A is backwards compatible with CAT 6 and CAT 5e.

Our range includes: –

Screened Cable:

Cabling in a CAT 6A solution needs to be screened in order to minimize the alien crosstalk in Class F or 10 Gigabit applications. Garland’s CAT 6A cable uses a heavy foil F/UTP construction to achieve this screening whilst minimizing the time and effort to install a screened cabling solution. A LSZH Jacket offers improved safety under fire conditions. It also allows the cable to be used in Green Star applications.

Supplied in 500m spools with a light grey jacket

Angled Jack Patch panel:

Garland’s angled CAT 6A patch panel addresses the limitation of flexibility in screened solutions by angling the connector. It also reduces the bending diameter imposed on the patch cord and improves the general flow and layout of the patch panel front. For ease of connection at the rear, the jacks are supplied loose and have a toolless punchdown system which utilizes the “butterfly” rear screen doors to provide a quick and reliable connection. The angled jack is then clipped into the patch panel. The jacks can be faced either left or right, allowing the installer to optimize the patch cable path for minimum bend.

Supplied in a single box containing the unloaded patch panel, 24 angled jacks, a rear cable manager and ancillary mounting hardware.

Screened outlet:

Screened CAT 6A jacks are mounted in a faceplate at the wall or workstation and are used to connect desktop computers and IP devices to the local area network. Garland’s screened jack is uses a cast metal molding and rear screen resulting in a robust product that can be installed into tight locations with less chance of damage or deformation to the screen or molding.

Suitable for use with both 110 and KRONE type puchdown tools, the jacks are packaged with an adapter. This allows them to be fitted to both Keystone and Clipsal type faceplates, supplied in bags of 12.

Screened patch lead:

Patch leads provide the final link in the cabling solution and should extend the screening all the way through the patching and distribution system. Garland’s screened patch leads feature screened plugs at both ends with molded strain reliefs. The patch leads are individually and overall screened to allow for the rigors tha the screen undergoes in a continuously changing patching environment. Extending the LSZH theme of the cable, these pach leads feature a LSZH jacket.

Available in standard lengths and packed in a heat sealed plastic bag.

Benefits Garland’s Category 6A range:-

  • A cabling system characterized up to frequencies of 500 MHz
  • Support for transfer rates of up to 10 GBits/second.
  • Can be used for all common Ethernet protocols including 10Base-T,
    100Base-T, 1000Base-TX and 10GBase-T
  • Also suited to PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) applications.
  • Preservation of the industry standard 90m maximum run length.
  • Backward compatibility with CAT3, CAT5E and CAT6 systems.

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