Coaxial Cable, RG6, 18 AWG, Quad Screen 75 Ohm, 305m

Part #: CC6QS305RBW

18 AWG Solid Copper Clad Steel Conductor, Foam Polyethylene Insulated, Bonded Aluminium Laminate Screened, Aluminium Braid (>50% coverage), Aluminium Laminate Screen, Aluminium Braid (>40% coverage) PVC Jacketed, Quad Screen RG-6 Type Coaxial Cable.

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75 Ohm Coaxial cables are used for video and data transmission. The 75 Ohm impedance can easily be coupled to 300 Ohm antenna’s using low cost matching pads or baluns.
RG 11 is a large conductor coax offerring low loss and is often used in transmission or long distance applications where minimal loss is a requirement.
RG6 is an intermediate size often used to connect antennae to reception systems for satellite, cable and Free-to-air TV services.
RG59 is a small 75 Ohm coax used for interconnecting video or data equipment.
Broadband applications include Cable TV, CCTV, MATV, Satellite TV, and Free to Air TV services.
Baseband applications include security camera and basic video transmission.


Pack Size 305m

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