Fire Rated Cable, Cat6A, LAN, 23AWG, 4 Pair, Screened


LAN, Solid 23 AWG, Fire barrier insulated, Twinned, Individually Screened, Cabled, 4 pair, overall screened, LSZH jacketed, S/FTP Cat6A cable meeting IEC 60331-23 circuit integrity fire rating.

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Category cables are designed to carry high bit rate signals in LAN (Local Area Network) based systems using Ethernet protocols defined by IEEE.

Originally designed to operate at 1 MB these systems have evolved over time to the point where they are now able to communicate at bit rates of 1000 MB (also called Gigabit-Ethernet) and above. Category cables are often employed in a STAR network topology.

Such cabling is often referred to as Structured Cabling or Structured Wiring and involves using fixed solid conductor cable in horizontal runs radiating from a central MDF to workstation outlets. Category patch cable that has stranded conductors is then used for the last 5 metres of the run to connect the work outlet to the computer or workstation.

Standards such as AS/NZS 11801, ISO 11801 and EIA/TIA 568 specify the requirements for the cable and the subsequent channel or link. Typical protocols include 1Base5 (IEEE 802.3e), 10Base-T (IEEE 802.3i), 100Base-TX (IEEE 802.3u) and 1000Base-T (IEEE 802.3ab).

Garland category cable is designed to meet or exceed the necessary standards with many of the products being third part verified for performance by UL or ETL. This particular cable has been tested for circuit integrity to IEC 60331-23 for 120 minutes and is able to provide a communication pathway whilst under fire. The use of special LSZH materials also makes this cable environmentally friendly.

Optional jacket colours and pack sized available. MoQ and lead time constraints may apply.

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