Foil Screened CAT 6A Cable Grey

Part #: FTPL6AHF

A labour saving F/UTP solution with LSZH jacket, for Green Star and environmentally demanding applications.

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Solid 23AWG PACW, Foam and Solid PE insulated, Twinned 4Pair, Cross–web Separator, Overall Aluminium laminate screen (Al facing in) with a TAC drain wire, Rip Cord, LSZH Sheath, Cat6A F/UTP cable.

Cable Description
Conductor AWG Stranding Nominal Diameter(mm) Material
23 Solid 0.58 mm PACW

Pair 1

Material Foam PE
Colour Pair Number Wire 1 Wire 2
  1 Blue White
Nominal Diameter: 1.25 mm
Average Thickness: 0.33 mm






Pairs 2 – 4

Material PE





Pair Number Wire 1 Wire 2




White + Orange stripe
3 Green White + Green stripe
4 Brown White + Brown stripe
Nominal Diameter: 1.17 mm
Average Thickness: 0.29 mm
Twinning Twinning Direction: LH or “S” direction
Maximum Twinning Lay: < 25 mm


Cabling Direction: LH or “S” direction
Cabling Lay: < 300 mm
Fillers Separator placed in the centre of the

cable to keep the four pairs separated



Material Aluminium Laminate
Orientation Aluminium facing in and in contact with

drain wire

Overlap 20% minimum

Drain Wire

AWG Stranding Nominal Diameter(mm) Material
26 Solid 0.40 mm TACW



Material :                                   75C rated LSZH

Colour :                                     Refer to coding table

Nominal Overall Diameter:            7.2 mm

Average Wall Thickness:               0.52 mm



Where xxx”    =The length in meters
Electrical Properties  
Conductor DC Resistance @ 20°C ≤ 7.32 Ω/100m


DC Conductor resistance unbalanced

< 5% in any two conductors within a pair per ASTM D-4566


< 2.5% in any two conductors within a pair as per IEC 61156-1

Nominal Velocity of Propagation 65%
Characteristic Impedance(1-250MHz) 100±15Ω
Mutual Capacitance @ 1KHz < 5.6nF/100m corrected to 20°C per ASTM D-4566
Capacitance Unbalance @ 20°C < 300pF/100m corrected to 20°C per ASTM D-4566
Mechanical Properties  
Operating Temperature Range -15 to 75℃
Max. Recommended Pulling Tension 126N
Min. Bend Radius (install) 65mm
Approximate Mass 5.6 kg/100m

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