Fibre 6C OM4 Outdoor PE/NY/NMA/PE, BLK

Part #: GLTOM4AI006BK

GLT-Ai Series

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Rodent and termite resistant cable – PE jacketed core with Nylon termite barrier covered with a Non metallic rodent resistant armour (Glass yarns) and then overall PE jacketed.
Optical cable with 12 fibres per tube in a 6-around-1 configuration.
Up to 6 jelly filled loose tubes around a central FRP strength member with “dry blocking” using Super Absorbent Polymer based materials.
PE/NY/NMA/PE jacketed

Designed primarily for outdoor applications such as a trunk, distribution or feeder cable for local loop, metropolitan and long haul applications.
Not intended or suited to indoor applications except as allowed in S-009 for an outdoor cable.

  • Material :PBT Strength Member Material: FRP
  • Water Blocking
    Over FRP Rod:
    Water swellable yarn
    Over S-Z core:
    Water swellable tape
  • Rip Cords Material Aramid Number of Cords As required
    Inner Jacket Material HDPE Colour Black
    Nominal Thickness 1.3mm
  • Termite Barrier Material Nylon Colour Blue Minimum Thickness 0.45 mm
  • Rodent Barrier Material Glass yarns
  • Outer Sheath Material HDPE Colour Black Nominal Thickness 1.5 mm Overall Diameter 14.5 mm
  • Nominal Cable Weight 200 kg/km

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