Fibre 12c SM G652D LT PE/NY Hi Strength

Part #: GLTSM1AM012BE

GLT-AM Series

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Termite proof cable for direct burial in highly expansive clay soils.
Optical cable with 12 fibres per tube in a 6-around-1 configuration.
Up to 6 jelly filled loose tubes around a central FRP strength member with “dry blocking” using Super Absorbent Polymer based materials.
PE/NY jacketed

Designed primarily for outdoor applications such as a trunk, distribution or feeder cable for local loop, metropolitan and long haul applications. This cable has been designed with higher tensile and crush resistance when compared to standard optical fibre cables. The higher tensile and crush resistance make it suitable for direct burial in highly expansive clay soils.
Not intended or suited to indoor applications except as allowed in S-009 for an outdoor cable.

  • Details
  • Material :PBT Strength Member Material: FRP
  • Water Blocking
    Over FRP Rod:
    Water swellable yarn
    Over S-Z core:
    Water swellable tape Rip Cords Material Aramid Number of Cords As required
  • Inner Sheath Material HDPE
    Colour Black Nominal Thickness
    1.5 mm Outer Sheath (Termite Barrier) Material Nylon Colour Blue Minimum Thickness 0.35 mm Nominal Diameter 15.5 mm
  • Cable Weight
    175 kg/km

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