Multi-Conductor, 14/0.20 mm, 7 Core Screened, PVC, 500m Work Series

Part #: MC147S500W

14/0.2 mm Bare Copper Conductors, PVC Insulated, Cabled, Aluminium Laminate Screened, PVC Jacketed, 7 Core Security, Alarm and Communications Cable.

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Garlands larger conductor EIA RS-232 cables are based on the successful MC14 series but include an overall aluminium laminate screen with an integrated drain wire. These products are designed for low bit rate serial data applications requiring an unbalanced connection. Typical applications include the interconnection of DTE (Data Terminal Equipment) such as printers, fax’s and consoles. This RS-232 cable can also be used in the industrial sector where the lower resistance of the 14 strand conductor is seen as a benefit in long runs. The MC14 “S” series cables can be used in this environment to interconnect PLC’s, sensors, data loggers, keyboards and other peripheral devices. In the security market, this product range can be used to connect alarm and fire sensors, door strikes and card readers to monitoring or alarm systems.

Pack Size 500m

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