Multi-Pair, 24/0.20mm, 4 Pair, Screened, PVC, 500m

Part #: MCP244S500

24/0.20mm Bare Copper Conductor, Polypropylene Insulated, Twinned, Cabled, Aluminium Laminate Screened, PVC Jacketed, 4 Pair Alarm, Security and Communications Cable

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The MCP range of RS-422 computer cables is polypropylene insulated and PVC sheathed. Overall screened versions carry and “S” suffix and individual and overall screened versions carry an “ISCS” suffix. This range of cables is designed for low bit rate data transmission up to 10 MB in an indoor or in-building environment.
RS-422 was commonly used for extended data transmission up until the late 1990’s. It was used to upgrade RS-232 systems and performed the same role, namely to interconnect DTE equipment such as printers, faxes, scanners and modems. Also referred to as EIA-422and ITU-T recommendation X.27, this type of connection was widely used in Apple computers until supersede by the USB interface in the 1998 iMac. The common connector used with this interface was the Sony 9 pin DE-9 connector.
In recent times, RS-422 cables have migrated into the security market where they are used for door strikes, motion sensors, IR sensors, keypads and alarm module interconnection.

Pack Size 500m
Applicable Standards AS/NZS 1125
Suitable Applications Used as signal transmission and connection of checking appliances of distribution system, computer system.
ROHS Compliant Yes
No. Pairs 4
Conductor Characteristics
AWG 19
Stranding (mm) 24/0.20
Area (mm2) 0.75
Diameter (mm) 1.13
Material BC
Material PP
Nominal OD (mm) 1.85
Drain Wire
AWG 24
Stranding 7
Area (mm2) 0.22
Diameter (mm) 0.2
Material TC
Material Al. Polyester Tape
Coverage (%) 1
Outer Sheath
Material PVC
Colour BLACK
Nominal Thickness (mm) 1
Nominal OD (mm) 9
Physical Characteristics
Insulation – Elongation at BBA >150%
Outer Sheath – Elongation at BBA >100%
Tensile Strength Before Aging >12MPa
Electrical Properties
Max. Conductor DC Resistance @ 20°C 26.4Ω/km
Voltage Test: Conductor to core 1.0 kV ac/1min
Mechanical Properties
Operating Temp Range -15 to 70°C
Max. Recommended Pulling Tension 416N
Min Bend Radius (Install) 90mm
Approximate Mass(kgs/100m) 10.7kg/100m
Supply Information
Supply Information – Pack Type Wooden Reel
Dimensions W54 x H25.4cm

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