Multi-Pair, 7/0.50mm, 6 Pair, Screened, PVC/SWA/PVC, 1000m

Part #: MCP7056SSWA1000

7/0.50mm Bare Copper Conductor, PVC Insulated, Twinned, Cabled, Collective Aluminium Laminate Screened, PVC Bedded, Steel Wire Armoured, PVC Jacketed, 6 Pair Instrumentation, Control, Alarm and Security Cable

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MCP705 products use a standard 7/0.50 mm conductor providing a nominal 1.5mm2 conductor area. This is the “big-brother” of the MCP703 range. Used in the industrial segment for instrumentation and control. Typical applications include connection of devices to PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers), air-conditioning controllers, thermostats an refrigeration units. These cables can also be used for factory automation systems including interconnection of proximity sensors, reed switches, IR sensors, overcurrent detectors and control signals for DC or AC motor drives. Being PVC insulated and PVC jacketed, these cables are ideal for the indoor or factory environment. Overall screened versions (“S” suffix”) provide moderate screening of electrical interference. For higher screening performance, the individual and collective screened version (“ISCS” Suffix) is available. For areas where there is risk of physical damage, steel wire armoured versions (“SWA” Suffix) can be considered.
MCP705 products are typically used in longer distance or higher current applications when compared to the MCP703 series.
Red coloured jacket versions of these cables also find their way into fire alarm system use.

Pack Size 1000m
Applicable Standards AS/NZS 1125 , AS/NZS 3808 , IEC60332-1
Suitable Applications Used to carry voice and data services, they also serve as the interconnection between electrical equipment and instruments.
ROHS Compliant Yes
No. Pairs 6
Armoured SWA
Conductor Characteristics
AWG 16
Stranding (mm) 7/0.5mm
Area (mm2) 1.5
Diameter (mm) 1.5
Material BC
Material PVC
Nominal Thickness (mm) 0.32
Nominal OD (mm) 2.2
Drain Wire
AWG 22
Stranding 7/0.25mm
Area (mm2) 0.343
Diameter (mm) 0.75
Material TC
Material Al. Polyester Tape
Coverage (%) 1
Material PVC
Colour BLACK
Nominal Thickness 1.15
Nominal OD 12.8
Outer Sheath
Material PVC
Colour BLACK
Nominal Thickness (mm) 1.4
Nominal OD (mm) 17.6
Electrical Properties
Voltage Rating 110a.c /150d.c
Max. Conductor DC Resistance @ 20°C 13.6 Ω/km
Max. Mutual Capacitance @ 1KHz 110pF/m
Nom. Characteristic Impedance @ 1MHz 280 Ω
Voltage Test: Conductor to core 2kV ac for 1min
Mechanical Properties
Operating Temp Range -150°C to +900°C
Max. Recommended Pulling Tension 3721
Min Bend Radius (Install) 210mm
Approximate Mass(kgs/100m) 62.8kg/100m
Supply Information
Supply Information – Pack Type Wooden Reel
Dimensions W85 x H60cm

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