Patch Panel 24 Port Cat6A Screened

Part #: MT6AL4524M

The new Garland screened Cat6A patch panel with angled jacks offers a fresh alternative to traditional angled patch panels.

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The traditional approach has been to angle the patch panel face, taking up valuable space between the rack and its door, these new patch panels from Garland angle the jack rather than the patch panel.
The benefits of this approach include additional clearance between the patch panel and cabinet door as well as relieving strain on the screened patch cords. The over-and-under arrangement of the jack outlets also frees up additional room making for a neater and easier to maintain arrangement


Cat6A patch panels are used in structured cabling systems to facilitate the patching of digital signals between routers, hubs, workstations, desks and wall mounted outlets. They can be used to manage IP signals as they travel between devices such as cameras, monitors, phones, wireless hubs and routers.
Screened Cat6A patch panels are tested to 600MHz and are suitable for Class F links and channels.


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