Rack Mount 24 Port Fixed Drawer Fibre Panel (FOBOT)

Part #: MT30904

24 Port 19” 1RU fixed lid rack mount FOBOT (Fibre Optic Breakout Terminal) for installations where pigtail splicing, pre-termination or field termination is required. The modular adaptor panels allow a choice between ST/FC, SC/DLC, DSC/QLC & blanks,with a full set of each included in each panel. Includes Cable Glands, Internal Cable Management,Fibre Tubing & Splice Protectors along with all mounting screws and nuts

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A rack mount enclosure for splicing and/or patching, cable entry is via multiple ports through the rear of the FOBOT drawer. Cable glands and strain relief posts retain the fibre. The fixed lid clips off for ease of access inside the panel. The 2 x 12f splice cassettes, with splice combs, manage and hold the splice protectors. Internal management maintains the correct bend radius and allows a smooth transition to the rear of the through adaptors. Pigtails & through adaptors are the only additions required to complete the installation.

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