Traffic, 51 Core (2 x 10mm2 + 1 x 5mm2 + 48 x 1.5mm2) PVC/PVC Control Cable, 400m


2 x 10mm2 + 1 x 4mm2 + 48 x 1.5mm2 Bare Copper Conductors, each one Individually PVC Insulated, cabled, PVC Jacketed, 51 CoreTraffic Control Cable to VicRoads TCS-023 Spec

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Multicore Traffic Control and Power cables are used to interconnect control cabinets with the traffic light towers.

These cables are available in a variety of sizes depending on the configuration of the installation. Available in 19 core, 29 core, 36 core and 51 core variants, there is a size to suit every installation.

For VicRoads applications, choose the variants with the “VTRAFFIC” suffix.

36 core versions are manufactured to QMR spec and the remainder of the range is designed around the RTA spec.

Pack Size 400m
Applicable Standards VicRoads TSC-023
Suitable Applications Cable for traffic signal
ROHS Compliant Yes
No. Cores 2 + 1 + 48
Conductor Characteristics
AWG 8 & 12 & 16
Stranding (mm) 7/1.35mm & 7/0.85mm & 7/0.5mm
Area (mm2) 10 & 4 & 1.5
Diameter (mm) 4.05 & 2.55 & 1.5
Material BC
Material V-75 PVC
Nominal Thickness (mm) 1.0 & 0.8 & 2.0
Nominal OD (mm) 6.2 & 4.6 & 3.2
Material Polyester Tape
Coverage (%) 1
Outer Sheath
Material 4V-75 PVC (UV Resistant)
Colour Orange (Pantone 170)
Nominal Thickness (mm) 2
Nominal OD (mm) 35.9
Physical Characteristics
Insulation – Elongation at BBA 1.5
Outer Sheath – Elongation at BBA 1.5
Tensile Strength Before Aging 12.5MPa
Electrical Properties
Voltage Rating 0.6/1kV
Max. Conductor DC Resistance @ 20°C 1.83Ω/km & 4.61Ω/km & 13.6Ω/km
Mechanical Properties
Operating Temp Range -15 to 90°C
Max. Recommended Pulling Tension 6720N
Min Bend Radius (Install) 359mm
Approximate Mass(kgs/100m) 180kg/100m
Supply Information
Supply Information – Pack Type Wooden Reel
Dimensions W115 x H70cm

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