Fire Rated Screened Cat6A cable by Garland

Cat6A FireRated cable next to hallway in flames

Cat6AFIRE is a fire rated screened cable for emergency and fire alarm applications. Using LSZH materials and fire barrier tapes, this screened product has been tested under fire conditions as per IEC 60331-23 for 120 minutes.* The new product (part number: SFTPL6AHF) contains individually foil screened pairs with an overall braided screen providing excellent transmission…

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Reasons to use LSZH cable

Using Garland LSZH cable

Regulations in many industries have seen an increasing demand for Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) cables. The main concern is for the safety of people and electronic circuits during fire. Environmental protection and an increase in safety requirements and specifications from local and international communities has also increased the demand for an LSZH cable. This…

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New & Improved Quick-Connector on our Smoke Alarms

onGard smoke alarms new connector

The Garland onGard 240V Smoke Alarms now feature an improved Quick-Connector to simplify and accelerate installation. The OG20 Photoelectric alarm and OG20LL Photoelectric alarm with long life battery, now contain improved connection terminals for a more straightforward installation process. The new connection terminals not only make the installation quicker and easier, but also allow for…

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Garland has an expanded fibre range with Tight Buffer Fibre Cables

Garland Tight Buffered Fibre cables

Garland’s new Tight Buffer Indoor/Outdoor fibre cable is a high-quality addition to the Garland fibre range. Made with a LSZH construction and a UV rated jacket, the cables can be used for indoor and protected outdoor applications. Available in all standard fibre types including single mode and OM1, OM3 and OM4 multimode, the jackets are…

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New range of Garland RS-485 cables

Garland RS-485 cables

Garland is proud to announce the launch of a new range of RS-485 cables, as part of our existing data cables collection. The cables have been produced using the latest manufacturing processes and are a significant addition to Garland’s data cable range. The true 120 Ohm impedance of these cables allows maximum distances to be…

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